It all starts with


You are where you eat

We constructed this place with several principles in mind. First, support local. 90-95% of everything used in building this establishment was reclaimed from around the Peoria area. From the Hiram Walker wood used for the bar top, to the bowling alley lanes used as communal tables, to the Jumer’s Lounge chairs from Western Ave, the metal roofing on our walls from a barn in Chilicothe, etc…

Second, we wanted a place to talk and meet people. We don’t have any “televisions” per se (we have 2 but only showing what’s on draft and wines by the glass), and we have three large communal tables along with several wine barrels and smaller tables from Jumer’s Black Bear Lounge. We wanted to take it back to the “golden days” where you actually talk to people and meet new people.

Third, no entree’s. We also don’t have any fryers or a freezer… we wanted to have our food fresh, ever changing, and the nibble factor. I want people to share food, stories, and good times. Everything on our menu is meant to be shared or a small meal for just yourself.

Lastly, we wanted to design a place to escape. Escape the every day trials and tribulations. It’s warm, cozy, unpretentious, and just plain homey. Think “Norm” from Cheers, and you’ll understand what I”m trying to explain.